decided to revive the blog again (i think this might have been a 4th attempt in the past few years)

the rationale? perhaps because i needed to start writing again.
i had stopped some time back due to boredom and the privacy. but now coming back into this again i think i needed to pick up the writing knack and put on the writing hat in order to brush it back up.

it’s the 3rd day and it’s been good thus far.
interestingly how everything just flows like that? its amazing testimony to the thoughts of “having faith” as well as “when one door closes another one opens”

been doing readings only thus far and i think i am reading stuff that got all the old thoughts back (with some answers)

  • what is the purpose of what i am doing? future proofing
  • how do i quantity the impact of what i am doing? at least in my own terms?
  • how to make things big? how to create the x factor and create lasting impact for the youth?
  • what is my perspective of the youth and how to inspire?
  • what are the skill sets i need to look into on my end?




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