Life brings you the most interesting juxtapositions in life

Today i attended what was like the 2 women’s networking event in 2 weeks plus and met about 3 friends individually from the sessions. It’s like a brand new track of networking and meeting people. Each event has its personality too, the make up of the women, intentions and the vibes that you get out of it

went to W3 event today and felt a striking vibe of how I was truly truly appreciative of who i am, regardless.
there was probably this time in my life when it was always an afterthought “darn i should have said this instead/ if i had phrased it this way i would have sounded more coherent/ etc”


none of that now.

Some might call it age? Experience?

to me it was really just something simple

being appreciative – that now that i am truly able to embrace and be happy with who i am

understanding that i am uniquely me

and they are uniquely them

and be engulfed in that happiness of acceptance:)

hence the juxtapoz~
by being appreciative of me being unique and different
i seem to be better appreciate and enjoy others being different
for traditional views where you have to differentiate yourself from the crowds in order to be distinct
being happy for others’ unique traits and celebrating how they are different from you.

just comes full circle


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