Making it a point to write more since the sudden stroke of enlightenment that I could, should and must write after all. Making a mental note to probably avoid doing it on mobile as it jus feels so different. Takes a little joy off writing to some extent.

Just ended a session with pocketrocket and got to know of some really cool youth out there doing something that they believe in.  I have mentioned for the umpteenth time how the world is so different after getting out of the corporate? The time here and the subtle learning was once again apparent as I looked at slides, listened to explanations,  heard myself and everyone pitch. I have changed.

Am I happy with it? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Happiness lies in comfort that having that blind faith that it will be a learning journey months earlier finally bore fruit. That indeed now, the implicit learning uncovered new ground that I can now put to good use. Doubt – the irony of it – as I am having to face the fact that while reaping its fruit, I may no longer believe that further blind faith may do me anymore good.

How do you know when its time to stop and when its time to keep going? This is the same situation yet radically different from before. This time my heart is not yearning to leave but hungry for more. But the hunger needs to be filled. I know the decision herein lies a lot on perspectives and paradigms. I just cannot be sure that I must be the one wieldong that right judgement while all others are blind to it.

Yet then again within all these courageous stories there was always the element of foresight and daring to take the different path.

Obnoxious or courageous?

Where is the line?


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