I keep coming back to question on what was most drawing about Pamela’s post on discovering her niche. It touched me somehow deeply.
The message resonated not because of the lure of travel and opening the eyes to the world. it wasn’t because i’ve always harboured a secret jealousy of writers and the stories they crafted (and oh so naturally! Not fair! :P). it wasn’t totally because it exemplified story of beautifully merging both a passion and profession, something i care a lot about and hoping to work towards.

and then it became clear –
it lies in the audacity and the fire behind her dream and resolve.

To be so certain that there was a path meant for her. And only to herself she will need to prove.
It was so beautifully personal; so what if others do not agree, so what if others may not have the confidence that it is possible.
A love like this blew me away. 

And after 8 plus years of asking this question repeatedly: what do i stand for, what is me? I finally think i have better clarity. *phew*

It is a really tough question to answer. I remember vividly in JC1 when we first met our senior class and they asked us what we wished to become in the future. I didn’t realise it then but now i do, i was already showing signs of my idealism. Here was my answer: I’m not sure what i want to be, but i know i will want to be doing something i love. It was greeted with nothing but a series of laughs. Embarrassed, i lowered myself in to the chair and tried to blend in. I spent the day grappling with that question: what was wrong with my answer! What was so wrong with doing what we love?

I always believe if some things keep coming back to haunt you – they matter to you. I remember the euphoria when moments of epiphany revealed to me yet another interesting observation about myself. (yes i really have those moments as though i see myself in 3rd person, don’t ask me how). I struggled with lows, getting nothing but frustrated and disappointed with not having a clear direction as to where to head. “Chasing your passion” has long since bode special meaning to me. You really do have to chase.  it’s an act of want, it’s a ongoing pursuit. And you know what? It will never end. And I say this not in despondence that it’s futile or a waste of energy. I say it with a runner’s passion – that if you learn to accept that life is moulding journey and you’ll never stop growing till the last breath you take – you’ll never stop running once you fall in love with the sport. I stand for this.

the most riveting quote i stumbled upon (and shared) sums it up beautifully.

Ask not what the world needs.
Ask what makes you come alive and go do it.
For what the world needs is people who come alive
– Howard Thurman

I stand for this.

Do you have that audacity and love to chase for what makes you come alive? Or will you take just any path and fit yourself in, and laugh off any idealism that places passion and profession in the same line?

Choose to be audacious.
Choose to love.
Choose to be truly you.


One thought on “mine

  1. Pamela Ho says:

    That is a beautiful sharing! 🙂 I am glad my post spoke to you. Don’t be afraid to embrace your dream because it’s bigger than you and me. It’s what we’re created for and what we’re meant to do to make a difference while we’re here. Let them laugh – but still do it. All the best! 🙂

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