Every now and then there is this feeling that I experience in a sudden surge of insights and feel like I am morphing and growing consciously.  I don’t know how to explain this acute sense of awareness. Would even second guess if it was awareness if I didn’t experience it time and again.

Been out on filming for the past week and spending so much time listening to stories, coupled with some critical conversations (both within office and outside of it) when I get back in office, plus a food for thought lecture. There are just so many thoughts flooding in my head.

For one. Storytelling is an art. And through the interviews I learn that the art and that ability to tease out the story and connect and empathise is really something to be practised and honed upon. Its somehow deeper ingrained in me that I have that ability to build upon that if I wanted to. Its a skill if I am able to master the control of when to advance and when to back down.

For two. It no longer bothers to me as much what others think. In a good sense. For stories I hear of the strong characters – they always knew which line (personally) they would draw.. its all choice. And the more I can learn to be unfazed by wind and noise and only hear what matters, the better I will be able to attain that balance that I worry I will tip.

Coupled with whats learnt comes whats next. And I was struck by this insight from a sharing that we can’t empathise until we have been there ourselves. Not sure if I agree totally because I think fundamentally all emotions humans experience are the same, just that the intensity, the angle we see it, the timing, and the trigger points are different.

What to do with this ability is the key. And today, for the first time I realise I am so comfortable with no deadline to its fruition of pursuit. Just keep going ivy 🙂


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