10,000 hours

what do you spend 10,000 hours thinking about
what do you do best, having honed your craft in it over the past 10 years of your life?

the serendipitous nature of 10 recurrent in my life thus far. 10,000 hours, 10 months, 10 years.
Being in this place for the 10th month got me yet a little more insight on myself.

i learnt now, you have to be patient in waiting for it.
you have to give it your all and have faith that the invested effort would not go to naught.
i learnt to appreciate the beauty of words a little more,
to be more deliberate in the attempts to hone your craft
in that hard work always pays off, albeit not immediately
and that every reflection or view that you tinker with every now and then
should indeed be tinkered with respect, tossed back and forth with deeper thought
if not just to show respect for that insight,
but to also not let yourself fall through the cracks of losing that rootedness and humility
of entertaining that you yourself can get lost in keeping yourself in check

perhaps i don’t have answers on what i spent 10,000 hours in the past doing.

but i do know i still have 10,000 hours more in the future to start investing.

and so you carry on with that journey..

of searching for what truly means the world to you.


you need to have the courage to search

if you want to have the jubilance of finding.


that is what i have learnt.

10,000 hours.



decided to revive the blog again (i think this might have been a 4th attempt in the past few years)

the rationale? perhaps because i needed to start writing again.
i had stopped some time back due to boredom and the privacy. but now coming back into this again i think i needed to pick up the writing knack and put on the writing hat in order to brush it back up.

it’s the 3rd day and it’s been good thus far.
interestingly how everything just flows like that? its amazing testimony to the thoughts of “having faith” as well as “when one door closes another one opens”

been doing readings only thus far and i think i am reading stuff that got all the old thoughts back (with some answers)

  • what is the purpose of what i am doing? future proofing
  • how do i quantity the impact of what i am doing? at least in my own terms?
  • how to make things big? how to create the x factor and create lasting impact for the youth?
  • what is my perspective of the youth and how to inspire?
  • what are the skill sets i need to look into on my end?



what money can buy

check this out..

and tell me if u think it’s true (:


reflecting on reflections

in an extremely reflective period these days.. but i think i gotta pull the brakes somehow and slow down. after all too much thought, translates into nothing but accumulated thought. time for some action to let my thoughts settle.

thinking too much stops u from living in the present.

once again i am reminded the beauty of how life is in need of balance (:

kite flying

life is really like flying a kite sometimes.

sometimes u let go, sometimes u pull back.
there’s technique to it, you gotta look at the wind, watch out for other kites.
sometimes u go shooting up, sometimes u come crasshing down.
u need patience, you need to wait it out sometimes.
sometimes u can’t afford the time and have to set your mind to it immediately and make split second decisions.

what kind of kite flyer are you?


i feel like i’m moving foward somehow. after the initial stagnancy. but still with slow cautious steps.

i’m not impatient.
somehow i knw my time would move at the speed its destined to.

i jus somehow think i am more judgemental than i think i am.


i random dinner with my 2 new friends translated into an intellectual conversation. insights, wisdom. love it.

i think we almost covered all the topics i feel passionate about, about life and goals, about education and its value, about religion and its coexistence with others.

i dunno whether i ought to rethink certain things that i didnt think so much about. am i also guilty of passing judgement in certain things? i certainly hope not.

thot provoking questions

“ask the right questions and you’ll get the answers”

perhaps i am seeing some other insight now.

great (:

btw. i dunno how long i can last. burning too much oil everyday. and NOT that i sleep in late. cui.


you are your own role model.

why look at others for reference and keep chasing for what isn’t uniquely you?